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Information for our patients: Spectre of surgeries

Mini-invasive operations by means of abdominoscopy

  • Uterus (for example organ-preserving removal of myomas, partial removal of uterus with preservation of cervix
  • Complete removal of uterus
  • Ovaries (cysts)
  • Fallopian tube (ex. if a wish to have children is not fulfilled)
  • Diseases of the pelvic (ex. endometriosis, adhesions)

Mini invasive surgeries by means of hysteroscopy

  • in the case of blood flow dysfunction (removal of polyps, removal of mucous membrane)
  • in the case of an unfulfilled desire to have children (removal of septa und adhesions)
  • in the case of abnormalities of the uterus

Incontinence operations

  • Tension-free tapes for urethra elevation
  • Collagen injections around the urethra