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Your good health is a priority for us!

Dear patient,


the centre for mini-invasive surgery (MIC) stands out because of especially gentle operation procedures.


The intervention by means of endoscope and very fine surgical instruments is carried out through the smallest skin incisions.

For this reason such surgical interventions are referred to as keyhole surgery. Especially in gynaecology 80% of all surgical interventions can be mini invasive.


It has following advantages for our patients:

    • Less side –effects
    • Considerably less pain after the operation
    • Healing period is shorter
    • Better aesthetic results

      Alongside with mini invasive access way, preservation of organs is a very important advantage, which has positive effects on the fertility, hormonal balance, intactness of the body and mind.


      Qu02 Dr. Fgeralification

      The head of the MIC Centre, Dr. med. Thomas Füger and Dr. med. Sebastian Reicke, possesses MIC-III and MIC II Qualification, which is awarded by the Working Group on Gynaecologic Endoscopy (AGE) of the German Society for Gynaecology and Obstetrics (DGGG), for the highest surgical expertise.


      They are active participant of the numerous scientific societies and takes part in the further development of endoscope procedures.


      03 Dr. ReickeThe Centre

      "Mini invasive operation through maximal competency"

      We have set ourselves a goal to keep up to this motto by means of specialisation in the modern endoscopic surgical techniques in the care in each patient. Technical effort and medical professionalism are as important as the patient with his individual needs, and the patient is always in the centre of our attention. Our involved team has high demands for its own professionalism, and develops it constantly through of further training.